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fc america TRYOUTS

The FC America open tryouts night are Monday May 1st 2023 and Friday May 5th 2023 from 5pm to 8pm on the grass fields at XL Soccer World Orlando.

Click "Tryout Schedule" below to access specific time slots for each age group and gender. 

Please register using the button below and one of our staff will be in touch to confirm your attendance. Tryouts are completely free of charge and open to all players born between 2016 and 2006.

If you have any questions, please contact

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Tryouts FAQ


If you have any other questions not answered by these FAQs or the Competitive Program page, please send us an email at

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Q: What do we need to bring with us to the tryout?


A: Your player(s) should arrive 15 minutes ahead of the tryout starting, wearing a white shirt (or similar), black shorts and black socks, with shin guards and appropriate footwear.


All players will need to bring with them a completed and signed copy of the COVID-19 Waiver form, which can be downloaded from THIS LINK HERE.

Players should also bring water, sunscreen and any applicable paperwork or other items that may requested via email communication once you have registered online to the tryouts.



Q: How do I register for tryouts?


A: Please click THIS LINK HERE to be taken to our 3rd party online registration platform, GotSoccer. Log in with your existing GotSoccer account, or create a new account if needed, and proceed all the way through the registration until you have received confirmation you have registered.



Q: I can’t log in to GotSoccer or am having technical difficulties with the platform. Can you help me?

A: GotSport is a 3rd party platform that we do not administer. If you are experiencing issues, please contact them here: GotSport (


Q: I did not receive any confirmation email from GotSportthat my registration to tryouts was complete. What do I do?

A: Please follow these actions first:

  • Check your junk/spam folder

  • Log back into your GotSport account. From your account, you should be able to check that your primary email address is correct, as well as seeing any programs you are registered to.

  • If your primary email address on your GotSoccer account is correct but you do not see your registration on your player(s) account, please try to go through the registration process again.

  • If this still does not work, please email us with your player(s) full name and we will search the registrations from our end and take it from there.


Q: I am not able to register to tryouts online, will my player(s) still be permitted to tryout?

A: We very strongly urge that you do your upmost to register online, as this is the only failsafe method to ensure your player(s) information and contact details are in our electronic system, through which we will make all communications ahead of, during and after tryouts.



Q: There are 2 or more tryout dates posted - do we have to attend all of them?

A: Preferably, yes. It gives the coaches a better chance to evaluate the players more thoroughly, as well as the fact we know some children can be nervous the first time they attend tryouts.


Additionally, if a few new players attend the second night and all the other players from the first night are not in attendance, it makes it harder to evaluate these new players fairly against the players who attended night 1.

However, we will not penalize players who can only attend one night.


Q: What if my child will be out of town during tryouts?

A: Please email us at with that information. There are no guarantees that a spot will be available but we usually grant the player an opportunity to tryout with the selected team upon his/her return.


Q: What if my child wants to play up an age group?

A: Please email us at ahead of tryouts, as well as informing the person checking in the players at tryouts, as well as the respective coach running the tryout.

We will grant or decline that request after due consideration after the Tryouts are complete. Our general guidelines on playing up are the we will only do it when (a) there is no team in the players birth year age group, or (b) the player is projected to dominate his/her own age group, although there are many other criteria to be discussed and considered by club leadership.


Q: What if I have a question during tryouts?

A: One of our administrative team will be present during tryouts to answer questions. Please allow them to check all players in to the tryout before approaching them with your question. If you think of your question before/after tryouts, please email us


Q: How do I know whether my child made the team or not?

A: Players will receive email confirmation of any team placement no later than 5pm on Friday May 6th (unless we have had to delay tryouts for any reason, in which case it will be no later than 72 hours after the final night of tryouts).

Players will also be informed if they have not been offered a spot, or are on a shortlist of alternates.


Q: I have waited until after the deadline given to receive an email for my player(s) team placement, but I still have not received an email. What do I do?

A: Please follow these steps:

  • Check your spam/junk mail folder

  • Log into your player(s) GotSport account and check that the primary email address for your player(s) is correct. If it is not, please correct it for future purposes.

  • Send us an email at with your player(s) information and we will follow up appropriately.


Q: My player(s) was informed that they are an alternate for a spot on the team. What does this mean?

A: In simple terms, this means that your player(s) has not been offered a spot on the team at this point, however not all spots that are offered get accepted.

Should a player(s) turn down a spot, we will offer the spot to an alternate. However, if all spots are accepted, then we will not be able to offer any alternates a spot.


Q: How many players will you pick for my child’s team?

A: That will depend on your child’s age group and whether we will have two teams at that age group or only one.

The roster limits for 7v7 teams (U8, U9 and U10 teams, which are for players born 2014 – 2013) is 14 but most commonly we will pick 10 – 12 players.

For 9v9 (U11 and U12 teams, players born 2011 and 2012) the limit is 16 but we will commonly pick 13 – 15.

For 11v11 (U13+, players born 2009 or earlier) teams will have 15-18 players.


Q: When will the season start?

A: Generally speaking, we will look to start the season in August. For the most up to date program information, please visit the Competitive Program page.


Q: When will my child’s team practice?

A: Generally speaking, we plan on all teams practicing Mondays and Wednesdays, with the youngest teams (U8, U9 and U10) practicing from 5:30-7pm and older teams (U13 and up) practicing from 7-8:30. U11 and U12 teams could be in either slot, with the preference being in the early slot wherever possible.

Once our teams are finalized, we will be able to finalize the training schedule, although this is always subject to change based on field availability.

For the most up to date program information, please visit the Competitive Program page.




Q: Where will my child’s team practice?

A: Generally speaking, our teams will practice at a field within the College Park/Winter Park/Maitland vicinity. Presently, we are waiting on field contracts for the 2022/23 season to open up for submission, after which we will be able to finalize our practice locations. Currently we train at XL Soccer World Orlando on a combination of turf and grass fields.

For the most up to date program information, please visit the Competitive Program page.


Q: What league will my child’s team compete in?

A: Our teams participate in various leagues across the State of Florida, with our main goal being in the best available competitive league within the greater Orlando area.

We believe there are more than enough high quality players within this region and young players should not have to travel more than 1 hour to get a good game.

That being said, we do not run these leagues ourselves and so have to evaluate on a yearly and team-by-team basis what the most appropriate league is for each team that balances their competitive needs against convenience.

For the most up to date program information, please visit the Competitive Program page.


Q: How many tournaments will my child’s team participate in?

A: Generally speaking, teams will participate in 4 tournaments over the course of the year: one at the start of the fall, one near the end of the fall, one at the start of spring and one at the end of spring.

However, once teams are formed, their competitive calendar will be reviewed by the coaching staff and this number be changed as dictated by each individual team’s needs.

The tournaments are paid in a separate tournament fee, which is based on the cost of the tournaments a team will enter, divided by the number of players on the roster. As a rule of thumb, tournaments cost $40 - $80 per player, per tournament.


Q: What are the program fees?

A: For the most up to date program information, please visit the Competitive Program page.



Q: I see the oldest age group you are offering in 2022/23 is U16 - will I have to find a new club if we join at U16 or will they be able to continue at U17 and U18/19 as they get older?

A: Players who join us at U16 (or younger) this upcoming 2022/2023 season will be able to continue with us in subsequent seasons all the way through to their U18/19 year before leaving for college.


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